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Names and i18n

Well – nothing big, but there are moments when knowing more than one language can come in handy and choosing a brand name would definitely one of them. Want proof?

Here ya go:

There is for example an internet startup that could actually become a search engine that means serious competition for google as the people behind it are former google brass. The knack: the name is “cuill” (they pronounce it ‘cool’), which is basically fine, but maybe not as cool in France where “les cuilles” means “balls” (yes, balls as in testicals and not just as in ’round things in general’). Anyway – I’ll be sure to check out their site as soon as they go live…

Another thing that is completely different, but in the same ranks is a new brand of deep frozen diet food here in France that I did of course also have to check out even though I usually try to avoid things that are dubbed ‘light’ or ‘diet’:

…and yes, they also do chocolate ice cream – at least that’s what I still hope it was (although judging from the taste there might be more truth to the name than I thought)

In case they plan to expand to the German market I’d strongly recommend a change in names.
[In case there's anyone reading this who doesn't speak German: 'Kot' is German for 'faeces' (or 'feces' for you Americans).]


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  1. April 10th, 2008 | 8:37

    Kot, OMG! That reminds me of this Misubishi Pajero, meaning wanker in Spanish. Or that medicine, made in the former GDR, meaning poison in Arabic. Not that good start for a bestseller…

    [+1] for multilangual being cuill ehm cool! ;)

  2. March 1st, 2009 | 22:14

    [...] those who have read and liked the post I did last year discussing brand names and the perils of internationalization, there’s an update on my favo(u)rite for frozen diet food (in case you don’t speak any [...]

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