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In case you are impressed with your iPhone’s user interface and/or liked the movie Minority Report and the way Tom Cruise’s alter ego John Anderton interacted with his computer system by simply gesturing in the air you might also be interested in watching this video that I stumbled upon today – it’s about the work of Jeff Han and his company PerceptivePixel :

The interesting thing is that this was recorded February 2006, i.e. ready almost one year before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone’s “new & revolutionary” interface. I’m really interested to see what will become of all this.

And while we’re that the subject of Ted Talks: there is one related video about images and new ways of handling them, IMHO also well worth watching.

Goodbye George

Well, it’s almost three months now since I left my old job, and among the most amazing things that happened during that time is that this has actually become a reality:

So in about five weeks it finally is “Goodbye George Bush”, this time for good, i.e. with or without W. I know this isn’t really a scoop, but after seeing this video I wanted to share it, since even I must admit that he had his moments:

Top 10 George W. Bush Moments on Letterman (thanks Ernie)

New WordPress Version & Spammers Galore

Just a short note since there is – once more – a new version of WordPress, featuring a brand new admin interface, in case you have your own WordPress I’d highly recommend the update. This time not only for security reasons ;-)

Other than that the dear spammers finally made it – I activated the Akismet spam filter for comments, since someone finally did it and found a way around the simple math question your required to answer to post comments here. So in case you do post a legit comment that doesn’t get approved for a while, please let me know and I’ll look into it ASAP…