Life in Paris, my universe and potentially everything

Miles and wait no more

Just a quick note on something that’s really really unimportant, but still somewhat unexpected: I did apply for one of those frequent flyer cards with Lufthansa about two years ago, and used the temporary number they gave me for one trip to Munich and back. Since I never heard back from them but had two more flights with Lufthansa last year I thought I’d just try again and registered on their site once again. The outcome was about the same, i.e. no answer and 0 miles visible on the account online, and I thus decided to stick with AirFrance. So far so boring.

The remarkable thing was that I the “never heard back from them changed this week. Twice. So after just about two years, I finally have two of those nice shiny plastic cards saying Miles & More. Way to go guys! I hope you handle the maintenance schedules for your planes differently… :-P

Helden in Paris!

Thursday was one of those days were you just have to love Paris, one of my favorite bands was in town for the kick-off concert of their current tour. The remarkable thing about it? It was Wir sind Helden, i.e. a German band! And that meant that the concert was a lot less crowded than any Helden concert you can find in Germany. The played at “Le Trabendo” in the Parc de la Vilette, and were on stage for almost two hours – great fun… 8)
It roughly looked like this:

Wir sind Helden, Le Trabendo, 20070920

That’s really them – and yes, I know, next time I need to bring a better camera…

In case you’re interested, there’s some footage of the event on youtube: Helden in Paris.

Always worth a visit…

One more thing

Or rather two actually: my friend and colleague Mani has opened his archives and put some photos online that date back to 1998 when we were still studying at the LMU. And yes, that is me (in the middle, holding the mug of beer) and yes, that kind of haircut was actually legal back then.

As for the other thing: I finally got around to testing the latest cool thing regarding public transport in Paris: “Vélib“, i.e. bicycles that are for rent very cheap on automated stations all over town. Since there definitely still is work to do on the English translation of the site, please have a look at this youtube video with a few hints on how the bikes may be used. :)

Not good…

…more than six weeks without any update. Sorry. There have been quite a few things going on and I guess I’ve just been using whatever time I had to spare for other things than blogging. But here’s at least some info on what I’ve been up to lately: August started with a glorious week of vacation in Spain, in case you have a Facebook account, you can even have a look at some of the pictures I took on that trip. It was a very fun and relaxing week and also the first one in I don’t know how long that I spent completely without an Internet connection. Feels funny at first but detox was a lot easier than I thought – reading a good book and hanging around the pool helped quite a bit.

One bit of big news that reached me in Spain despite the absence of internet is that my company will be closing the Munich offices (that I was supposed to return to by the end of the year) in the near future. This mainly means two things, one: it is true that bad news travel fast and two: that I might have to get more creative regarding my professional future than I thought.

The following week saw the return of two of old friends to Paris, Firas and Christian (who actually is an even lazier blogger than I am), which ended in a remarkable weekend including an unforgettable dinner at Chris & Paola’s place as well as a long night of going out, can’t really say I remember the last time I only returned home around 7 am…

End of August I finally made back to Muc and had another one of the weekends that just passed by awfully quickly, but at least I got the main thing done, and found all the documents for the insurance company who I hope will reimburse me for the stolen motorbike which still is gone and I guess I won’t being seeing again. But at least there’ll be a motorbike fair in Paris, so I might find my next motorbike there…