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Miles and wait no more

Just a quick note on something that’s really really unimportant, but still somewhat unexpected: I did apply for one of those frequent flyer cards with Lufthansa about two years ago, and used the temporary number they gave me for one trip to Munich and back. Since I never heard back from them but had two more flights with Lufthansa last year I thought I’d just try again and registered on their site once again. The outcome was about the same, i.e. no answer and 0 miles visible on the account online, and I thus decided to stick with AirFrance. So far so boring.

The remarkable thing was that I the “never heard back from them changed this week. Twice. So after just about two years, I finally have two of those nice shiny plastic cards saying Miles & More. Way to go guys! I hope you handle the maintenance schedules for your planes differently… :-P

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