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What a View…

Nothing big, but as it is pretty rare that I take a flight to Munich during day time I was quite amazed by the view I had flying in two days ago. Even though pictures of things like sundowns or views like this usually are a lot less spectacular than the real thing (and I still think the iPhone’s camera’s “below average”) I kinda liked this one, and so I thought I’d share it here:

The Alps from above 20000 feet

The Alps from above 20000 feet

No, this is not about the crisis in the .com world, but a site that is actually called – they do posters and loads of other things you can print on.

The theme is their very own (and slightly sarcastic) take at motivational posters as you can see by clicking the above link. I love them and in case your sense of humor is anything like mine, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy those. For those who are fans the TV show “How I Met Your Mother“: this is where Barney got his office decoration from. Thanks to René for pointing me to that site.

And then the internet wouldn’t be the internet if you couldn’t take parody one level further. There is absolutely no arguing with this (click for more..):

Sense - This Picture Makes None
Couldn’t agree more.