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Two little things

If you ever made the mistake of asking me what computer to buy there’s a good chance I told “get a Mac” (only in more words) – next time you ask, I’m not so sure it’ll be the same advice, since it is now official: Macs stink (summary in German).

And for all those of you who know more about HTTP than it is “the thing you type before the :// in your browser”, there’s a great cheat sheet on the error codes (oh I feel sooooo geeky…). :-P

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  1. October 19th, 2007 | 19:52

    That remids me of a link i”d like to send you:,1697,2193640,00.asp :-)

    Btw: more than 500 comments, (or should i say spamments?) at Heise, seems to be an interesting topic…

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