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“Someone finally got it right”

This is what Dr. Dre (allegedly) said about the iPod and iTunes Store before the launch and after Steve Jobs let him in on the details (see Jeffrey S. Young und William L. Simon’ “iCon”).
While I agree that Apple did a lot of things right, there still are a few things they did or had to do that I have trouble with, most notably DRM, prices and a format that binds you to software that only runs on Windows or OS X. I still use the iTS, but certainly to a lesser extent than I would without those restrictions.
Enter the good news: it looks like someone finally really got it right: Amazon launched their digital music store last week, and it looks very promising as it remedies exactly the three problems I have with Apple’s offer. They sell started to sell DRM-free mp3 files online. And that means music with no delay due to delivery, from a store that is open 24/7 and is playable on any device any time as often as I want. Almost sounds too good to be true – I’ll see to trying it out sometime this week (hoping they accept my German/French account) and will let you know how that went…

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  1. October 1st, 2007 | 21:31

    now thats all very nice but… HOW did the Apple Expo go? No pictures no stories … nothing?


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