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Ooooh yes. You gotta love living in a big city. Especially given all the concerts available – after last month’s gig of Wir sind Helden, we went to see Stereo Total yesterday who were playing at La Maroquinerie and seriously: Monday evenings don’t get any better than this. While I can totally see how their music might not be everybody’s cup of tea, I’d still recommend going to one of their concerts to about anybody. They played for about one and a half hours and had some American guy called “Hawnay Troof” as supporting act (and special guest) who himself also was great fun to watch and kind of left us with the impression that you can actually make a career of your medical condition. I bought his CD – ask me for it the next time you see me and you’ll see (well hear actually…) what I mean :-P

As I still haven’t bought a new phone with a better camera so the quality of the photographic proof has room for improvement:

Yes – various instruments were being used, including an aluminium ladder…

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