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Back and forth and over there

And once again it has been quite a busy week since the last update, this time busy means a bit of travel (hence the title). First I went to Munich for another long weekend which was quite enjoyable since I got to see some of my friends over there. Other than that I finally got around to installing the DSL line in my Mom’s home and all of a sudden surfing the web has become so much more fun. I really don’t know how we did it back then when ISDN was the fastest you can get. Before flying back to Paris on Monday evening I went to see a doctor (that appointment was the main reason for the whole trip) for a general check up and do now have the official confirmation that I’m in good health, so quite a good weekend, I’d say…

The “over there” was a business trip to Karlsruhe with my colleagues Emilie and Malik, for a day’s worth of meetings with the “new” colleages from Mentasys which turned out to very productive, thanks again the team in Karlsruhe for the warm welcome & great work. A more personal thing I was reminded of when we went out to have drinks yesterday night (this was mandatory after a train ride of almost six hours) was that while I really absolutely love the food here in France there are two small things I really miss, one is having a good selection of decent beers and good bread, but then, there are more than enough things to make up for this when you’re living here. As I found again today one of them certainly is having the quays along the Seine as jogging route – even on an ordinary Wednesday there are plenty of people out and about e.g. taking Salsa lessons or having a picknick on the Pont des Arts and the Eiffel Tower with the sparkling lights in the background. :)

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  1. mandy
    June 9th, 2007 | 13:14

    Vollkommen gesund?!
    Is doch super!! Dann kannste jetzt wieda richtig auf´n Putz hauen!

    *grüßlies aus münchen*

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