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Firefox related

For now just two tiny things:

The livehttpheaders add-on on a Mac

While I find this add-on very useful, I had a little problem with it - it is put in and removed from the sidebar using the shortcut "Option-L" (that's alt-L for you Windows users). This works just fine, except on Macs where this is how you type the '@', i.e. the choice was to either be able to watch the headers fly by OR type e-mail-addresses.
The reason I'm telling you all is that I preferred having it both ways and hacked the add-on (download it here if you want) to use option-shift-L instead and thought it might be useful for somebody else. All the credits do of course still go to Daniel Savard, who created the original add-on. Thanks for the great work!

The Diggler extension

Another one of the extensions I have become used to is Diggler, which has been discontinued. That means among other things that the official version won't install on any version of Firefox that is more recent than 1.0. I also hacked this extension so it is usable with any version, only to discover later that there are spin offs of it, that are under active development, e.g. DiggiDig or Neo Diggler. So no download of my hack, better go and check out the new projects...

Patched Google sitemap generator

In case you're a webmaster and make use of the google sitemap generator, you might be interested in the patched version, since sitemaps are no longer "Google only". The files are almost identical to the ones that can be had from Sourceforge, the only difference is that the namespac URLs point to sitemaps.org instead of google.com. This makes the sitemaps compliant to version 0.90, i.e. the format Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft agreed on.
For the record: I know that the format is identical to google's version 0.84 and that only the URLs for the namespaces have changed, but as they say: it's all in the details... ;)

Mac related

Multiple Move - mmv

In case you are like me, i.e. use the shell/Terminal/iTerm a lot and occasionally have a bunch of files to rename you might already have been looking for a tool like mmv that let's you move multiple files in one go using patterns/wildcards - this comes in very handy if you're e.g. cleaning up your mp3 library.
Two things about this, one: since finding the source code for mmv proved to more complicated than I had hoped, so I'll just make it available here. And two: compiling the whole thing also wasn't as straightforward as usual, so here's a PowerPC binary of mmv (gunzip before use - and it is PPC only as I don't have an intel Mac yet...) and the manpage that comes with it. The usual rules apply: it works fine for me (compiled on 10.4/Tiger and currently in use on 10.5/Leopard), but YMMV, so use this at your own risk, there is absolutely no warranty. Have fun!
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